Web Design & Branding


In the aftermath of the Earthquakes that devastated Kathmandu a few years ago, a small group of experienced engineers in Australia aspired to collectively help re-build Nepal. They needed a brand and a website.

As a team of not-for-profit engineers, they wanted the site to tell a compelling, aspirational story. Most of their content was text, however we wanted to integrate the vision into the website. 

As an illustrator, this was the perfect project to use my other skills. I created a large scale isometric illustration inspired by Nepal with a focus on showcasing structural engineering connecting bridging the country together. 

Taking inspiration from the earthy and blue tones of the Himalayan landscape and the vibrance of Kathmandu, I created a palette of deep blue, warm oranges, clays and terracotta with a pop of turmeric gold for the eclectic and unexpected chaos of the city. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.13.47 am.png